20 Months - 2 Years

Toddlers that are between the ages of 20 months and 2 years are cared for in our Toddler Two class. This class is well equipped with the following; a sleeping area with spacious indoor play area and a private outdoor playground (see pictures below). There are 12 toddlers in a class. 

Teachers: Toddler Two

Both caregivers are fully qualified in toddler care (ECD), First Aid And CPR and temperament profiling. They make a wonderful team and provide the best in care and stimulation.


This Stage is the Exploration Phase, In this phase the child needs 2/3 naps during day time. We will slowly progress the children into a Single nap, but this usually happens naturally. This is only a guideline to give you an idea:

Live and Learn Academy reserved the right to make adjustments to our weekly planners & curriculum at any time, this is merely supplied as a representation to provide parents with a guideline of what their child would be doing each day.

 Toddler Two Photo Album: