Bambino House

Infants that are between the ages of 3 months and 18 months are cared for in our Bambino House. This venue is equipped with the following; a sleeping area with spacious individual cots, access to a kitchen, indoor play area and a private outdoor playground (see pictures below). There are 12 infants in a class.


Our Caregivers - Teacher Diana & Teacher Monica are fully qualified & experienced in Early Childhood Development.

They hold certificates in Baby Massage & Stimulation, First Aid, CPR, Evergreen for Teachers & Temperament Training.

Teacher Diana has been part of the Live & Learn family for 4 years now & Teacher Monica for 5 years. We are very proud of them & they make a wonderful Team.


As can be seen below, we have two routine structures in the baby nursery, the goal is to gently adjust each child's routine over the course of the year into the Jelly Beans routine. This is done in order to prepare them for the Toddler House. For more information on meals and fees please see the relevant tabs.

Jelly Tots

At this age the eating & napping time frames and intervals change from month to month so it is very difficult to plan this on a set schedule. Below is the example planner for the 6 month stage (or when solid food is introduced). There are many varying factors such as time of first feed of day which we highly recommend to be between 6am and 7am each morning in order to establish a routine. Eating on a strict 3 hour interval is the healthiest way to eat for metabolic reasons and also because it ensures that your little ones nutritional intake is sufficient during the day so that baby can get a full night’s sleep. This is an ideal situation we can accommodate an hour of flexibility. We move from stage 1 to stage 2 when solid foods are introduced.These time frames are all based on research and evidence of the best suited rest and nutrition routine for this age.

Jelly Beans


Live and Learn Academy reserved the right to make adjustments to our weekly planners & curriculum at any time, this is merely supplied as a representation to provide parents with a guideline of what their child would be doing each day.

 Bambino House Images: