3 Years Young

The following 3 groups form our Toddler House. The Toddler House consists of a Class Room Area, A Music & Movement Area, an Indoor Playground and an Outdoor Playground. These venues are shared as the children rotate through the venues throughout their daily routine.

Explorers Class Group is for Toddlers that are turning 3 years of age. There are 13 toddlers in a class group. Children in this group must complete LEVEL B Curriculum.


Both caregivers are fully qualified in toddler care (ECD), First Aid And CPR and temperament profiling. They make a wonderful team and provide the best in care and stimulation.



This Stage is the Exploration Phase, In this phase the child needs 2/3 naps during day time. We will slowly progress the children into a Single nap, but this usually happens naturally. This is only a guideline to give you an idea:

Live and Learn Academy reserved the right to make adjustments to our weekly planners & curriculum at any time, this is merely supplied as a representation to provide parents with a guideline of what their child would be doing each day.

 Toddler Two Photo Album: